Air Cooled AC/DC

The Mercury line of industrial supplies from TDI Power are a series of AC/DC and DC/DC modules that are building blocks for reliable power solutions to suit a wide range of applications in the industrial market.

Mercury AC/DC rectifiers and DC/DC modules are available in three different mechanical package sizes and output power levels including 800W, 1200W, 2700W, 3800W and 4300W. Using a mechanical design that separates the power module from a hard wired connection shelf assembly, hot swapping of individual units is made simple. This is beneficial when paralleling large numbers of modules for redundancy or if flexibility for expansion is required.

With flexible input voltage ranges, high power and wide modularity capabilities, the Mercury family is an ideal choice for distributed power architectures and standby battery systems. Through TDI’s 50+ yrs experience in power electronics and our proprietary Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) processes, customers can expect years of performance with high MTBF and low MTTR. Rely on TDI Power for your next project that mandates reliable, accurate and flexible power.