ePaper Digital Signage Solutions

ePaper Digital Signage Solutions

Visionect’s electronic paper solutions have been running digital signage 24/7. Some have been running uninterrupted for as long as 3 years, stretching from ice-cold Alpine ski resorts to scorching hot Australian roads.


Low consumption

An EPD will use up to 99% less power than an LCD. Battery powering and charging via a Micro USB charger enables power autonomy, measured in weeks or even months of running displays.


Inside & outdoor

Electronic paper features outstanding visibility and the reading experience of printed text. Even outside and in direct sunlight is the content on electronic paper picture perfect.


Self-sustainable signage solutions for challenging environments (impact/dust/water proof)

We choose to support sustainable development and deploy electronic paper with minimal environmental impact. Our signage doesn’t only take pride in low energy consumption, but can also be powered by alternative energy sources.