VM, PC or The Cloud

VM, PC or the cloud

The Visionect Server software is the core of our platform, making sure that the hardware displays the correct content on the EPD. Visionect’s software license is free and comes with every piece of our hardware, while the software itself can be deployed in a VM, on a PC or even in the Cloud.


Easy monitoring & management

Live View enables the monitoring of current battery status and display unit signal strength, and provides a review of power consumption, performance and content history. The web interface enables the management of the display units on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
Easy monitoring & management


Simple integration

The server provides APIs for integration into your existing services and software. The Visionect server layer can be made completely transparent to the end user.


App development with HTML

HTML5, CSS and JavaScript development enables any web app to be displayed on electronic paper display units. Leverage existing know-how and deploy your first app in days.



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