RF Power

RF Solutions

RF Solutions


E2V RF Power division pioneers industry leading innovation and technology across healthcare, life sciences, defence and security, transportation and industrial markets around the world.


With over 65 years experience in the design and manufacture of high performance RF Power technologies, we offer both standard and bespoke engineering capabilities to design solutions to exacting requirements.


E2V’s expertise has seen our involvement in some of the highest profile projects, from radar control in the Eurofighter Typhoon to kicker magnet control in CERN’s large hadron collider and the x-ray source in over 90% of the world’s cancer radiotherapy treatment machines.



The line-up includes:

  • RF Integrated Solution
  • Coupled – Cavity Travelling Wave Tubes (CCTWTs)
  • Gridded Tubes
  • Helix TWTs
  • Inductive Output Tubes
  • Magnetrons
  • Microwave devices
  • Microwave Power Modules (MPMs)
  • Modulators
  • ProWave® Industrial Processing Systems
  • RF Safe-Stop™
  • Safety and Arming Devices
  • Spark Gaps
  • Thyratrons

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