industrial grade wifi

Industrial Grade WiFi

WiFi for Industrial Grade needs to support high power and standard industrial temperature range to meet the challenges for all the Industrial Applications. Redpine Signals has modules which provide highly reliable wireless connectivity for the harsh operating environments.


The challenges for wireless solutions in Industrial Environment ranges from the operating temperatures, humidity, Interference from Electromagnetic fields like the ones from power generators. The Industrial grade wireless modules built out of RS9113 chip are capable of operating at the industrial temperatures -40 to + 85 deg C. They provide high power in the range of 18 dbm – 25 dbm which ensures longer range in harsh operating environments. The modules also have built in ESD protection circuit for greater reliability.


For large scale industrial deployments the modules support both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands providing more channels. The industrial grade module from Redpine have the best receiver sensitivity, which is a huge advantage when operating in noisy environments. The key value of these modules are that they provide sustained performance and connectivity in harsh operating environments.