Embedded Computing

Hard- & Software for CAN bus applications

The cables from PEAK can be used to set up a CAN bus and are specially designed to be used in a CAN environment.
On the PCAN-LIN module, the field busses and the power supply are connected together via a D-Sub plug. However, for some applications a separate access to the LIN components is necessary.

CAN Connection Cable
PCAN-Cable 1&2

CAN Cable for Test and Measurement Setups
PCAN-Cable 3

CAN-OBD-2 Diagnostics Cable
PCAN-Cable OBD-2

CAN-J1939 Adapter Cable
PCAN-Cable J1939

Pre-configured Cable Set for PCAN-USB Pro FD
LIN Connection Cable for PCAN-USB Pro FD

Pre-configured Cable Set for the PCAN-LIN Module
Lin Connection Cable for PCAN-LIN