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New ultra-low jitter clock oscillator for defence & aerospace applications

IQD’s new STXO series of surface mount clock oscillators has been designed with an ultra-low integrated RMS phase jitter of 256fs at 2.5V and RMS period jitter of 1.4ps over 10,000 cycles. With a phase noise level of -138dBc/Hz @ 1kHz and -163dBc/Hz at the noise floor, this new series is ideal for defense & aerospace applications such as smart munitions, guidance & navigation and communication systems; although the devices can also be used in demanding industrial applications.


  • High shock survival option up to 50000G
  • Tight frequency stability and low phase noise
  • Ultra-low Allan Deviation and RMS phase jitter
  • Ultra-low period jitter
  • Low current consumption
  • Full military testing per MIL-PRF-55310 available
  • CMOS output; enable/disable with Tri-State
  • Fundamental frequency; no PLL artefacts
  • Hermetically sealed ceramic package

IQD STXO Datasheet